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Biathlon: the sacred French relay world champions in Germany

  On Saturday, France offered the gold medal in relay, in front of Norway, favorite, during the world biathlon in Germany. It is the first title in men's relay for the Blues since 2020. The  biathletes  French were crowned relay world champions on Saturday February 18 in Oberhof, Germany. They imposed themselves before the great Norwegian favorites, depriving Johannes Boe of a sixth coronation during these worlds. France, carried by  Quentin Fillon Maillet  in the last relay, won his third medal in these championships, after the title of Julia Simon in pursuit and the bronze of the mixed relay in opening. Sweden completes the podium in this disputed race under very windy conditions. It is the first title in men's relays for France since 2020, an event dominated by Norwegians since the start of the season. Thirty-nine seconds ahead of Norway In difficulty since the start of these championships, the French team was perfectly launched by Antonin Guigonnat, who passed the baton in

American football: Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl 2023

  The Kansas City Chiefs, guided by a Patrick Muhammad with a painful ankle, won the third Super Bowl in their history, defeating 38-35 the Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday in Glendale ( Arizona ), after an exciting epilogue to the NFL championship. Heroic, Patrick Muhammad overcame the pain to allow the Chiefs to remove their third Super Bowl, by overthrowing 38-35 the Eagles, Sunday February 12, at the end of one of the most beautiful finals in history and an exceptional duel with the other quarterback, Jalen Hurts. It was a 27-yard kick from Harrison Butker that delivered Kansas City, eight seconds from the siren and after a gasping suspense. The Missouri team succeeds the list of Los Angeles Rams, for their third attempt on the last march in four years, after a failure conceded in 2021 and a victory in 2020. One more consecration for Muhammad, who confirms that he is a credible heir of Tom Brady in the NFL, even if he is still far away, with this second ring, from the seven of his glori

Champions League: for PSG, only doubt is eternal

  Kick-off of the Champions League final eighths on Tuesday. The PSG, in full doubt since the beginning of 2023, has on its way Bayern Munich, sevenfold winner of the event. What make supporters fear a catastrophic scenario whose club seems to have the secret in Europe. Nothing goes to PSG anymore . While Paris faces Bayern Munich on Tuesday February 14, in the round of the Champions League, the club seems stuck in a negative spiral almost as recurrent as the feast of lovers: injuries, divorce with supporters, series of defeats… What to fear a huge road trip from this competition, to which the Qatari owners have been courting since the club was bought a decade ago.  From Qatari paradise to hell 2023   The latter could, no doubt, be considered as faulty. Indeed, it was the organization of the World Cup in the middle of winter that helped to break the victorious Parisian dynamic. Under the aegis of Christophe Galtier, the PSG completed the first part of the season undefeated, all competi

Europa League: Monaco winner in Leverkusen, Nantes keeps the Juve in check

  Monaco won its meeting against Leverkusen ( 3-2 ), Thursday, during the accession dams to the round-summaries of the Europa League, while Nantes kept the Juventus Turin in check ( 1-1 ). For its part, Rennes lost ( 2-1 ) against the Shakhtar Donetsk. Monaco has made the very good operation of the dams for accession to the final eighths  Europa League , by going to impose itself 3-2 in the additional time, Thursday February 16, in Leverkusen, while Nantes brought back a superb draw 1-1 of its displacement at the Juventus. Only of the three French teams involved, Rennes lost in Warsaw, against the Ukrainians of Shakhtar Donetsk ( 2-1 ). In the big poster of the evening, Barcelona and Manchester United separated on a draw 2-2 after having delivered a show worthy of the Champions League. FC Seville, four times winner of the competition since 2015, has taken a break against PSV Eindhoven by winning 3-0 at home. . Monaco at the end of the effort Monaco first opened the score on a gag goal,

Champions League: AC Milan takes advantage over Tottenham

  Winner Tuesday against Tottenham of a short margin, the AC Milan has reassured and will approach the eighth of final return with a precious advantage. Diaz scored the game's only goal at the very start of a hot game. AC Milan won its "derby" against Antonio Conte and Tottenham ( 1-0 ), Tuesday February 14 in San Siro in the eighth final round of Champions League, even if the small margin leaves everything open for the return on March 8 to London.  With the return of the little music of the C1, the Rossoneri remembered their glorious European past - seven coronation in the Champions League against none for the Spurs - and found a somewhat lost "grinta" in recent weeks, like the energy goal scored in two stages by Brahim Diaz at the start of the match ( 7e ).  A San Siro de Gala San Siro, full until the third ring of some 75,000 spectators, had put on his party clothes for this first eighth of C1 of the Rossoneri for almost ten years ( season 2013/14 ), the firs

FFF report: on the hot seat, will Christmas Le Graët pass spring ?

  he auditors responsible for investigating the dysfunctions at the French Football Federation ( FFF ) delivered their final report to the main stakeholders on Wednesday. The "behavioral drifts" of the president of the French Football Federation, Noël Le Graët, are highlighted by the synthesis of the audit mission. They are also considered to be "incompatible with the exercise of functions and the requirement of exemplarity attached to it". The time of the verdict on the  the FFF . The auditors responsible for investigating its dysfunctions returned their final report, Wednesday, February 15, to the main stakeholders – including  Noël Le Graët, boss of French football,  on an ejection seat. And the summary of the audit mission, extracts of which were  revealed by several French media , is bluntly: the "behavioral drifts" of the president of the French Football Federation "are incompatible with the exercise of functions and the requirement of exemplari

Tunisia: new arrests, UN denounces "aggravation of repression

  The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights denounced Tuesday "the worsening of the repression" in Tunisia, after the Tunisian police arrested Noureddine Bhiri on Monday, an Islamo-Conservative leader Ennahda, as well as Noureddine Boutar, the director general of private radio Mosaic FM, who often gives the floor to the opposition. In  Tunisia , a leader of the Islamo-Conservative Ennahda party and the director of a private radio station were arrested on the evening of Monday, February 13. These arrests occur as part of a net launched this weekend by the Tunisian security services and during which political activists, former magistrates and an influential businessman were arrested. Ennahda leader Noureddine Bhiri, 64, was arrested and "taken to an unknown location" during a police raid in which around 100 officers participated in his home in Tunis, a spokesperson for Ennahda, Abdelfattah Taghouti, told AFP. This former Minister of Justice had already bee

7th edition of the Challenge App Africa: who are the ten finalists ?

  The jury for the 7th edition of the Challenge App Afrique delivered its verdict. The ten selected applications come from Cameroon, Rwanda, Benin, DRC, Tunisia and Morocco.  Started on November 10, 2022, the seventh edition  from Challenge App Africa  unveils its first ten winners. The idea this year was to imagine the digital service that will contribute  development of sustainable agriculture . Over 800 projects were received and ten were selected to continue the adventure. The finalists are invited to refine their projects in order to hope to be the big winner of an endowment of 15,000 euros. The projects selected are as follows : •  Rabeb Fersi ( Tunisia )  : Crop’s Talk is a mobile agricultural advisory application designed to help small farmers improve their productivity and resilience to climate change. •  Samantha Ruzibiza ( Rwanda )  : Bazafarm, which literally means "ask your farm", is a real-time monitoring device for soil quality. •  Finagnon Robert Agbovoedo   (

Tunisia orders expulsion for "interference" from the highest union official in the EU

  Tunis ordered the departure of Esther Lynch, the secretary general of the European Trade Union Confederation. The latter is the highest union official in the European Union. The authorities give him 24 hours to leave Tunisia. The  Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed  ordered on Saturday 18 February the expulsion of the highest union official in the European Union for statements described by Tunis as "gross interference", last episode of a showdown between President Said and the trade unionists. "By order of President Kaïs Saïed, the Tunisian authorities ordered the departure of Esther Lynch", the secretary general of the European Trade Union Confederation, indicated the presidency in a press release. Esther Lynch "took part in a demonstration organized by the Tunisian General Labor Union ( UGTT ) and made comments which constitute a flagrant interference in the internal affairs of Tunisia", according to the press release.  The authorities give her 24 hours to

J’irai télétravailler chez vous : ces particuliers qui sous-louent leur appartement à des entreprises

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