7th edition of the Challenge App Africa: who are the ten finalists ?

 The jury for the 7th edition of the Challenge App Afrique delivered its verdict. The ten selected applications come from Cameroon, Rwanda, Benin, DRC, Tunisia and Morocco. 

Started on November 10, 2022, the seventh edition from Challenge App Africa unveils its first ten winners. The idea this year was to imagine the digital service that will contribute development of sustainable agriculture. Over 800 projects were received and ten were selected to continue the adventure.

The finalists are invited to refine their projects in order to hope to be the big winner of an endowment of 15,000 euros.

The projects selected are as follows :

• Rabeb Fersi ( Tunisia ) : Crop’s Talk is a mobile agricultural advisory application designed to help small farmers improve their productivity and resilience to climate change.

• Samantha Ruzibiza ( Rwanda ) : Bazafarm, which literally means "ask your farm", is a real-time monitoring device for soil quality.

• Finagnon Robert Agbovoedo ( Benin ) : Ki @ forest is a platform which links the collectors of non-wood forest products and traders by supplying them to the highest bidder.

• Mbumba Lapaque ( DRC ) : MukulimaSoko is a digital and physical center for trading and renovation offering several services to agricultural players : an e-commerce space and a space for phytosanitary mutual aid offering experts to share their knowledge and farmers to alert to the agricultural hazards that have appeared on their plantations.

• Adamou Nchange Kouotou ( Cameroon ) : OGPM ( Agricultural Project Management Tool ) is a digital platform made up of two applications: a mobile application which is used to collect information on analysis of agricultural technical risks, and a web application recommending the best agricultural credit decisions and facilitating technical and commercial monitoring of the production of growers.

• Lucien Medjiko ( Benin ) : E-Pinea is a mobile application that connects pineapple producers to potential buyers through a dynamic map to locate pineapple fields and visualize their state of maturity. It also offers an online business space that allows processors and suppliers to exhibit and sell pineapple products and associated services.

 Chris Ayale ( DRC ) : Kivugreen is a digital platform that allows small farmers to have technical information like weather, market price and agricultural advice – and that gives them access to the market.

• Mounir Jamaica ( Morocco ) : Daki Farm is an ecosystem of applications composed of Daki Farm e-learning, allowing to follow digital agricultural formations in local language and Daki Farm Smart Irrigation allowing to irrigate crops according to the needs of plants and weather conditions.

• Jean Gilbert Soh Ndeh ( Cameroon ) : Originally designed to ensure the traceability and management of forest wood products, Pallitracks is a digital application which also aims to adapt to agricultural products.

 Pyrrus Oreste Kouoplong Koudjou ( Cameroon ) : Clinicagro is an application that offers in-depth diagnoses of soils and diseases that plants can undergo. It also provides various technical indicators related to the soil.


The jury for this first selection is made up of Valérian Gauthier, journalist at France 24 and presenter of the program “ Afrique Hebdo ”; Anne-Cécile Bras, journalist at RFI and presenter of the program “ It's not wind ”; Aphrodice Mutangana, director of partnerships at Digital Africa; Pascal Bonnet assistant to the director of the environment and companies department at CIRAD, Dr. Robin Duponnois, Research Director of the Exceptional Class at the IRD, Birante Sy, Community referent “ agriculture ” of the association 10,000 “ coders ”; Eva Liliane Ujeneza, researcher affiliated with the center of the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences ( AIMS ) in Rwanda; Adam Yamoussa, support officer at La Fabrique in Burkina Faso; Filip Kabeya, founder of Lumumba Lab; Aly Kouma, responsible for programs within SAEI Donilab in Mali;Christian Jekinnou, director of Fanaka & Co; Annie Kamala Kyakimwa, founder of Agro Bibi; Meïssa Gueye, investment manager at IFC; Patrice Burger, founder and president of the NGO CARI; Ken Lohento, digital agriculture specialist at the FAO Regional Office for Africa.

Launched by RFI, France 24 and their partners Digital Africa, CIRAD, IRD, AIMS, 10,000 coders and Fanaka & Co, the seventh edition of the App Africa Challenge aims to reward digital innovations that improve sustainable agriculture in Africa.


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